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Life & Health Insurance Advisor – Fall 2018

Getting Ahead of the Curve: Planning Now for Social Security Deficiencies

social security cardIf you’re like most people, Social Security will provide 40 percent of your income during retirement. Unfortunately, without changes, the federal government may not have enough money in 16 years to fully fund the program.
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The State of Medicare: 2018 and 2026

torn dollar billMedicare, like the federal government’s Social Security program, is on track to eventually run out of funds to pay the entire amount of claims made.
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Insurance That Goes Beyond Health Benefit Coverage

hospital roomHealth Insurance will not always protect you from financial devastation if you suffer from a critical illness.
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Too Much Blue Light? Filtering Lenses May be the Answer

Do you spend a lot of time working on a computer or looking at your smartphone? If so, are your eyes bothering you? Are you having difficulty sleeping?
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Insurance Buyers’ News – July/August 2018

Are You Ignoring Your Cyber Liability?

non-profits liabilityLess than 37 percent of small business owners feel they have adequate cyber liability insurance protection, according to a new study conducted by The Hanover Insurance Group, Inc., and Forbes Insights. Read on for details.

What’s the Future of Auto and Home Claims Handling?

data management planningAs with almost every other industry, the digital world is bringing changes to the insurance industry. The speed and convenience of digital transactions that shoppers and banking customers appreciate are now coming to insurance claims handling.
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Fire Prevention Safety Tips

additional insuredSmoke detectors and fire extinguishers are important but the best way to fight a fire is to prevent it from starting.
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Hurricane Preparation Tips

Hurricanes Harvey, Maria and Irma all had substantial effects on the U.S. and Caribbean in 2017 and are among the top five costliest hurricanes on record, according to the National Hurricane Center (NHC). The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is forecasting a similarly active hurricane season for 2018.
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Employee Benefits Report – June 2018

Could Paid Family Medical Leave Be in Your Company’s Future?

association health plansAlthough the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) requires some employers to provide unpaid leave to workers for family or medical reasons, several states now mandate employers to provide paid leave.
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ACA Compliance Issues for 2018

2Even though the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is in its eighth year, many employers are not especially confident they know how to stay in compliance with the controversial health care reform law.
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What’s The Best Health Care Account for Your Employees?

3Help your employees achieve more control over their health care decisions and expenses by providing them with a savings account for medical expenses.
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New Disability Insurance Regulations Designed to Provide Safeguards for Policy Holders

New regulations will affect employers and plan administrators who offer short-term and long-term disability plans.
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Insurance Buyers’ News – May/June 2018

How to Control Distracted Driving

non-profits liabilityTen percent of fatal crashes and 15 percent of injury crashes in 2015 involved distracted driving. It may actually be more. Here are some tips to help eliminate distracted driving. Read on for details.

Why ‘Side A’ Is Critical if You’re a Director or Officer

data management planningThere are three parts to a D&O Policy — Parts A, B and C. In recent years exposure to Part A risks have increased dramatically.
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Active Shooter Insurance Now Available

additional insuredSadly, active shooter incidents have become so common there is now an insurance market to insure the liability of the entities where they occur.
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How Much Business Income and Extra Expense Coverage Do You Need?

Direct physical damage to your premises is not the only problem you’ll face with a fire or other loss. Here are some important points to consider when evaluating your indirect damage:
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Employee Benefits Report – April 2018

Don’t Let a Flu Epidemic Take Your Business Down

association health plans
A particularly virulent influenza strain, H3N2, was responsible for a record number of illnesses, hospitalizations and deaths this winter.
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Tuition Assistance for a Better Future

2Tuition assistance not only benefits your employees, it helps your company.
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Making a 401(k) Plan a Reality for Your Employees

3A 401(k) retirement plan is one of the most desirable and valuable benefits you can provide your employees. Having an employee retirement plan shows you care about their future and helps employees create a nest egg for a comfortable retirement.
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A Partnership with an Eye To Better Health Care

Three successful American companies decided to see if the status quo of rising health care costs and decreasing patient satisfaction can be improved.
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Insurance Buyers’ News – March/April 2018

Five Ways to Protect Your Firm from Sexual Harassment Claims

non-profits liabilityHere are the steps to take to prevent harassment claims and what to do if allegations are made. Read on for details.

How a Business Income Worksheet Helps You Rebuild after Disaster

data management planningAn estimated 70 percent of companies that undergo a major loss eventually go out of business because they failed to plan for the disaster. Proper planning includes completing a business income/extra expense worksheet. This worksheet can help you get all the funds you’re entitled to after a disaster—here’s how.
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The Future of Insuring against Disaster

additional insuredMost companies aren’t insured for natural disaster and federal disaster relief is often too little and too late.
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Four Insurance Policies That May Protect against a Sexual Harassment Claim

Depending on the circumstances, there are four different types of insurance policies you need to consider:
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Life & Health Insurance Advisor – Spring 2018

Watch for Health Insurance Premium Increases

benefits gapReinstating the Health Insurance Act and repealing the individual mandate to purchase insurance could both contribute to a rise in premiums.
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Haven’t Saved Enough for Retirement? Here’s a Few Ideas

vision insuranceIf you aren’t on course to save $1 million by the time you retire, you’ll have to get creative. The Motley Fool, a multimedia financial-services company, says that’s the amount of money a couple will need to live comfortably after they retire.
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Life Insurance: When Free isn’t Enough

life insuranceEmployer sponsored life insurance may not meet all your needs.
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How Life Insurance Companies Get to the Truth

Life insurance companies need honest answers to questions about your health to determine appropriate premiums and coverage levels. Some applicants are tempted to leave out or misstate information they don’t see as important — or think will adversely affect their benefits.

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Insurance Buyers’ News – January/February 2018

How Changes at EEOC Could Benefit Employers

non-profits liabilityPresident Trump’s appointment to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission could signal a more cooperative attitude at the agency. Read on for details.

Section 7 and Social Media in the Workplace

data management planningTwo restaurant employees complained about the company’s accounting department on Facebook — and were fired. Two teen center employees took to Facebook after an office meeting and disparaged their supervisors’ decisions — and were fired. James Damore used Google’s employee message boards to criticize how his employer was implementing its diversity policy — and was fired.
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Equipment Breakdown Insurance Provides More than Just Insurance

additional insuredIf you’ve been in business a while, you might have heard the phrase “boiler and machinery insurance.” Today it’s called Equipment Breakdown insurance and these now cover much more than boilers and machinery, hence the name change. Read on to learn more about this valuable coverage.
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What’s Covered in a Typical Equipment Breakdown Insurance Policy?

The typical equipment breakdown insurance policy includes the following coverages:
1. Damage to “covered property” at the location named in the policy …

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Employee Benefits Report -December 2017

Changes to 401(k) Plans Under Consideration

association health plans
Congress is debating possible changes to the 401(k) retirement plans employers offer their employees. Some of the ideas being discussed by Senators and Representatives would favor employees, some would benefit the federal government. Read on for details.

Vision Insurance Trends to Incorporate in Your Benefit Plans

2Employees increasingly rank vision insurance as one of the most important benefits. Here’s how to get the right plan for your employees:
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Proposed Changes to Group Health Insurance for Small Employers

3The president and congress continue proposing changes to healthcare laws and the country continues to debate what the effects of those proposals will be. Read on for details.

Getting the Most Out of Disability Benefits

You spend valuable time and money to offering benefits to your employees. So imagine how frustrating it would be for you and your employees if they were unable to enjoy the benefits they deserve.

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Insurance Buyers’ News – November/December 2017

Five Lessons from Recent Hurricane Losses

non-profits liabilityDamage from wind and water aren’t the only possible detrimental financial consequences of a hurricane. Read on for details.

Was Vegas Shooting Foreseeable?

data management planningIf a particular type of crime regularly occurs on certain business premises, could other businesses in that industry be held liable if they fail to take preventative measures against similar instances in the future?
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Avoiding Winter Storm Damage

additional insuredIt’s been an unusally damaging year of wildfires and hurricanes. As those kinds of events recede we need to look ahead to the always costly winter storm season that will soon begin.
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Ways to Fill Winter Storm Insurance Gaps

To cover many of the winter storm property insurance exposures not covered by named peril insurance policies, businesses can buy one of these types of property policies:

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Employee Benefits Report – October 2017

The What, Who and How Much of Offering Life Insurance

association health plans
As an employer you are in a unique position to offer your employees an easy way to purchase a valuable benefit, costing them less than if they purchased it on their own. Read on for details.

Strategies for Making Your Wellness Program Pay Off

2Wellness programs are promoted as win-win. Employers save money on health care benefit costs. Employees improve their health.
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New Ways to Keep Health Care Benefit Costs Down

3After salaries, Health care benefits are an employer’s largest employee-related expense, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. A 2016 survey by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) pegged the annual cost in 2016 at $8,669 for each employee. Read on for details.

Group Health Costs Continue to Climb

It could cost you five percent or more to provide your employees with health care benefits in 2018.
After surveying large employers, the National Business Group on Health released a report on plan design costs this summer.

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Insurance Buyers’ News – September/October 2017

Next Cyberattack Could Cost as Much as Superstorm Sandy

non-profits liabilityA major cyber attach could cost billions of dollars and, unlike extreme weather, comes without warning. Read on for details.

Is Distracted Driving Driving Up Your Auto Insurance Costs?

data management planningAt least 17% of all highway crashes are the result of distracted driving, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
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Why Almost Every Business Needs Additional Insured Coverage

additional insuredYou have business liability insurance, but it may not provide coverage if you are considered “vicariously liable.”
Do you work with outside contractors or partner with other businesses on ventures? What if they cause injury or property damage to others while doing work for you or representing your interests?
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What is subrogation and how does it apply to insurance?

Subrogation in the context of insurance is the right of an insurance company to “step into the shoes” of the insured after the company has paid the loss. Subrogation entitles the insurance company to assert any rights on its own behalf that the insured may have had to recover payment from the parties that caused the loss.

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